How To Enable System Restore To Protect Your Computer From BSOD Error?

Windows BSOD

With most of the users, Windows is an “easy and flexible” operating system for computers. But it also has many annoying errors that we need to troubleshoot and resolve when it happens.

Each error has its solution to troubleshoot and fix it. But some errors have many causes that we need to figure out which is the cause that lead to the issue. We can’t resolve the problem if we don’t know the exact reason.

There are however a few solutions that you can use to protect your computer from Blue Screen Of Death errors on your Windows computer, including use Windows Backup, System Restore or resetting the Windows PC.

In this article, we will tell you how to use System Restore to protect your computer from those annoying errors as well as protect its data.

Firstly, Windows System Restore is a built-in function of Windows OS that will create a backup version of the whole Windows. However, it’s not mean it will backup all files of your Windows. It just creates a snapshot of the system. Based on this snapshot, when you got any problem with the Windows OS, it will repair and restore the operating system.

By enabling the Windows System Restore, you will be able to protect your computer from many “blue screen of death” errors, especially the DPC watchdog violation error.

This error occurs on your computer because some system file were corrupted. With the System Restore feature, you will be able to restore your Windows system back to the selected working point. It’s mean roll back your computer back to the past when it’s still working without any error.

Simple Tips To Speed Up Your Mac OS X Computer

mac os x computer

Most people switch from Windows to Mac because it has a unique design and extremely fast to do any work or task. You can easy to boot up a Mac computer within five seconds. The speed of launching an app is also faster than Windows or Linux.

I have switched from Windows to Mac for years, and now I realized it’s a good choice. However over time, my new Mac to be an old one and it starts to run slowly. But I have found a few useful tips that help me to boost up the speed of my Mac computer. You should also try if your Mac starts to run slower than before.

Speed Up Your Old Mac OS X Computer

Speed up an old Mac isn’t hard as you think, just try a few steps below and your Mac will run smooth as before.

Firstly, you have to update the Mac OS X version on your computer to the latest. These updates come with the improvements that will help you to improve the stability of your Mac OS X as well as fix bugs if any exist.

Secondly, you have to check and remove unnecessary apps that open with the startup process. These apps will slow down your Mac computer when boot up as well as call too many apps to run in the background of the computer. You can also use a program called Activity Monitor to close any app run in the background. This is a built-in feature, which will help you to select and force quit Mac apps that you want to close.

If you have more money to spend to speed up your old Mac, I would suggest you purchase a new solid state drive and replace the traditional hard disk drive with this new one. It will help you boost up the startup process as well as launch apps faster.

Difference Between Apple iPhone 5S And iPhone SE: Results In Video

apple iphone se

You know, Apple announced the new iPhone SE last month and now it’s available to purchase from both online and local stores. For users who don’t know, the iPhone 5S has 1GB of memory while the new iPhone SE comes with 2GB of RAM.

Now we will talk about the difference between both models, one old and one new generation. What are different between both models?

The first thing different between iPhone 5S and iPhone SE is the SE model will run smoother than previous generations such as iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S. You will be able to run many apps in the background of Apple’s iOS as well as open apps and launch tasks faster.

The iPhone 5S is a model of 2013, and it has limited of RAM memory. It will run slower than new generations. For example, when you open a new tab on Safari browser, it has a bit delay in opening the tab as well as take longer to refresh a web page.

Meanwhile, the Apple iPhone SE will open the tab immediately without any lag or delay as well as refresh the tab faster than iPhone 5S. Besides, iPhone SE comes with a better camera, which used on iPhone 6S, allows you to take better pictures and record 4K videos.

Which iPhone you will choose?

Apple Might Change From Mac OS X To macOS

Apple Mac OS X

Have you noticed that Apple recently uses one type to name the operating systems for its devices? For example iOS for iPhones, iPads and iPods; or tvOS for Apple TV and watchOS for Apple Watch.

But the company still use the name: “Mac OS X” for its operating system for desktop and laptop. Why Apple don’t use macOS?

You might surprise that Apple is going to change it. According to a developer named “Guilherme Rambo”, there is something new on the source code of Mac OS X 10.11.4 to point out this information.

There is a change that Apple would replace the current name of its operating system with a new one, which will follow the form of the company.

This isn’t official information from Apple yet, just something that a developer has dug and found it.  This UNIX-based operating system has been around for 15-year, so it would probably have a new name, right? At this moment, we don’t really know what the plan is. But we hope to see Siri to available on Mac OS X soon.

Microsoft Starts To Ship The Surface Hub To Consumers

microsoft surface hub

You may have heard about the Microsoft Surface Hub before. It is the giant Surface from Microsoft that comes in two variants with two different size of display: 54-inch and 84-inch.

This giant Surface will come in two sizes of the screen as we mentioned above and will be pre-loaded with Windows 10. This standalone device has the integrated processor, dual cameras, micros as well as several sensors.

More particular, the Surface Hub 55-inch model will come with Intel 4th Gen processor and Intel Graphics HD 4600. Meanwhile, the 84-inch model has the same type of processors but go with the Nvidia
Quadro K2200 graphics card.

You should know that the 55-inch model only supports for HD resolution while the 84-inch model supports up to 4K resolution. If you are interested in buying these giant Surface for your office, it will cost you $8,999 and $21,999 for the 55-inch and 84-inch models, respectively.

If you need stands for these giant Surface Hub, it will charge you additional costs of $2,349 for the 55-inch model and $3,699 for the 84-inch model. Cheap enough? Visit here to read more about the Surface Hub.